Perishable Goods and HACCP Planning

Nowadays, hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP) planning is a critical part of the cold chain management. The protection of our food supply is significantly improved due to the recent food safety legislation that extends the powers of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the first of its kind change since 1938.

Rigid plans for monitoring and taking corrective actions are mandatory actions imposed by the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in order to prevent the growth of foodborne pathogens and other contaminants in food products. Every registered food operation must perform a hazard analysis of their facilities and distribution assets in order to identify potential areas that endanger food safety 먹튀검증 and to then determine what preventive controls should be implemented preventing food specification violations.

Due to the Food Safety Modernization Act regulations, the Food and Drug Administration will depend upon qualified hazard analysis critical control points planning to estimate operational compliance as measured by inspectors and accredited third party auditors. The need for product recalls or mandated corrective actions will be determined by the credibility of the hazard analysis critical control points plan and verification that procedures were adhered to. The smooth running of the plan then resides in the ability of the food handler to monitor and document actions taken with end results. Therefore, whenever technologies that provide dependable monitoring and management of critical control points can be used the risk of a catastrophic event is greatly reduced and relationships with regulatory agencies and customers are enhanced predicated upon the dependability of actions taken and recorded.

In addition, following the FSMA regulations and enhancing the food safety preservation measures using professional tracking tools in order to manage and supervise in a real time manner the surroundings of refrigerated perishable goods will help businesses to reduce the amount of spoiled goods and losses, variables that up until now were considered to be a part of the food business. It is now the perfect time to diminuate the inventory shrinkage and gain a real competitive advantage.

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