Choose Once – Enjoy For Life

Back when I was in college, a buddy of mine convinced me to go with him, and some “guy” he knew to some “underground” casino.

This guy we were going there with some kind of expert gambler, and we were just going to watch. We followed him around the place until he found a table he found interesting.

The whole time, his face was stone cold neutral. Total game face. He stood there studying the table for at least 20 minutes, but it didn’t seem like it.

Back in college, I was pretty broke, and watching all that money fly around was incredible.

Anyhow, after just watching for a while, he plopped won a stack of cash. And within a few seconds, the dealer, after dealing out all the hands of whatever game it was, doubled his cash อนิเมะซับไทย.

He quickly scooped it up, looked at the two of us, and said, “Let’s go.”

Suddenly when we got outside, he had this huge grin on his face. He took us to some Thai restaurant in the neighborhood, and explained his gambling strategy.

“All you’ve got to do is choose the right place, the right time, and study the game thoroughly. Then when you see an opportunity, take it. Don’t waste any time. If you choose well, you’ll only have to play once, and you’ll enjoy your winnings for a long, long time.”

As you have probably guessed, you can apply this strategy to girls as well. Some guys are looking for as many short term opportunities as possible.

But there’s no end to the pleasure and satisfaction you can achieve if you find that one special lady that you’re completely compatible with, that fully supports you’re life’s mission.

Of course, finding her is not so easy. You’ve got to sort through a lot of loons to get to the beauties.

But once you find her, it will ALL be worth it.

Now, this isn’t nearly as easy as watching some table for twenty minutes before plopping down your cash. Unlike playing cards, you’ve actually got to interact with women in order to find out what kind of women you like, and what kind of women you don’t like.

But once you’ve got your criteria all figured out, it’s just a matter of sorting through the girls out there to find one that qualifies.

When you know what you want, based on experience, or even if you’re just trying to figure out what you want, based on experience, it will make the search so much more enjoyable, if you catch my drift.

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