Secure Your Home With Patio Wall Lights

Even if you don’t want to install a major garden lighting scheme, an illuminated patio is almost essential in terms of security lighting. Intruders don’t intrude into spaces where they can be seen, so a patio wall light makes perfect sense as the patio is most often situated right next to an entrance to the house.

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Now, although usually mentioned in the same breath as security, safety is a whole separate issue; with safety, we’re talking about tripping over cracks in the paving, slipping on moss, or falling down the steps. A couple of well placed wall lights will prevent all of that

The Great British weather means that when you choose your patio lights you need to go for something durable and designed for outside use, there’s a lot to choose from; bulkhead lights, LED wall lights, and LED bulkhead lights spring to mind, or you could go for traditional styling in wrought iron or stainless steel.

When fitting your patio light, it wouldn’t hurt to follow these guidelines:

– Beware of Glare! Install the lighting at anywhere but eye level.
– To ensure you don’t use unnecessary energy (or spend unnecessary money, which is closer to the hearts of most of us) use a timer.
– Remember to place your patio lights where they will illuminate any hazards.
– Consider a variety of light fittings, what about the aforementioned bulkhead lights, for instance, or how about brick lights?

Patio wall lights aren’t terribly expensive, and they could save you from the unpleasantness of having your home invaded by undesirables, a very small price to pay indeed.

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