Google Update Big Daddy – The Fuss Over Suplemental Listings

So the latest Google algorithm (math used in weighting how search engines return
results) Big Daddy seems to slowly getting into place, and webmasters and marketers
alike are up in arms about lost efforts. Lost how? Well, first let me
start by saying those in the know really, don’t know’. That is to say that Google’s
algorithms are a closely guarded secret
 that makes MacDonald’s secret sauce
look like chicken broth. No one except the pious few really knows the truth
about how Google’s search engine ranks sites. So how do SEO people know what
to do? There has been a TON of both sophisticated and simplistic testing done
by the SEO/SEM community to find trends and patterns in the algorithm. Over
the years a great deal has been learned and monitored.

Supplemental results and lost efforts.

It seems the latest round of suffering is part of another mythical beast, the
Google Sandbox.
 This is sort of a purgatory for websites. It is said
that sites that have been banned, sites that are NEW and older listing live
in the belly of this keeper of the doomed. What we do know id that there is
MAIN directory and a SECONDARY (known as Supplemental) directory.
Sites in the supplemental directory are rarely spidered and can usually only
get out with considerable changes to the page in question and hope to get out
some day.

Where’s the beef?

Ok, now I have no problem with Google putting  quietum plus older, out of date information,
into the supplemental directory. As a searcher I hate nothing more than having
SERPs (search engine results page) that have less useful, dated information..

As you may imagine it also means that MILLIONS of pages of legitimate information
has been lost
 as well. The problem lies in the fact that many Archive sites
have legitimate information that hasn’t required changes. Online forums (message
boards) are another great example of web sites that are losing legitimate data
and rankings for their sites.

So in short, if the site was a valid resource or not, people have spent
a great deal of time and money
 to build their sites and do SEO work
only to find they have been sent to Google Supplementary listings.

..and who really cares anyways?

To me, SEO folks, professional and other wise. may want to consider a few things;

1. Results, results, results. Its all about a better end user
experience. Who knows, maybe more up to date search results for these fine marketing
people will actually make their jobs easier in finding relative data. It will
certainly weed out some useless content. I have been getting search referrers
for pages that haven’t existed on my site in over a year. Targeted traffic?
I think not. Upset surfer that is at my site and cant find what they were originally
searching for. To me, anything that improves the end user experience is a good

2. Its alive; Prepare for change. Try an get a feel for things so you
can see where trends are going. Don’t look at Google nor its algos as a static
thing. It will always evolve. Make sure you don’t put all your efforts in one place. Can you say, reciprocal links (more to come this BD update).

3. More dough bro; As an internet marketer, it’s really MORE income because
of the work created fixing possible causes of’ banishment based on the last
algo. You see my friends, its not OUR fault. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Myself, all tongue in cheekiness aside, have never advised clients to use non-organic
. I have never encouraged borderline black hat
SEO and SEM techniques. So it seems it will pay off for me as well as our clients.

I don’t think I was really ahead of the curve, I have been consulting for nearly
20 years and online or offline, dubious marketing techniques backfire far more

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