Creative and Unique Golf Tournament Gift Ideas

If you are planning any sort of golf tournament or outing, you need to consider giving prizes and gifts for various things throughout the event. The following golf tournament gift ideas should give you a place to start your research.

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First of all, every golfer who signs up should get a small gift such as a couple of imprinted golf tees with the tournament name on them, or if you have sponsors, their logo could be put on the tees. Other things that could be used here are imprinted golf balls, ball markers or divot tools.

Next, there should be some intermediate prizes for little contests that occur during the tournament such as longest putt, closest to the pin and longest drive. Some gift or prize ideas for this would be something like a golf towel, any golf apparel such as a hat or a shirt, a box of golf balls or some sort of gift certificate Golf Gift Idea T-Shirt.

Golf gag gifts can also be used to add some humor to the tournament. They should be given to the golfer who has the worst round or lost the most balls or something to that effect. Be creative! Some gift ideas would be a floating ball, the un-puttable ball or even a plaque with some inside humor.

Finally, there are the prizes for the winner or winners of the golf tournament. If you have one main winner, you should have something that is an attention grabber. Something that would fit the bill would be an exotic wood putter or some other custom club. Other ideas that do not have the same appeal but are very popular would be golf membership cards or golf discount cards. Trophies are always a good standard prize as well, but I know I would like to have something original and unique.

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