Digital Signage and the Church

Most people are now familiar with the concept of digital signage and digital out of home advertising being used to promote all kinds of goods and services, but to promote the word of God?

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When the Woodcreek Church in Richardson Texas opened the doors of its brand new, parishioner funded facility in January 2009, it was not just the design or the massive 55,000 square feet of space that impressed worshipers. They were also stunned by the massive investment in digital signage that the church has made.

Woodcreek Church members are able to watch both live and prerecorded broadcasts of worship services at locations all over the complex, as well as stay up to date on church activities and news in real time signage companies in lahore.

There are digital signage displays all over the sprawling complex, both indoors and out. Every screen is tied to a central system that is maintained by just a handful of church staffers, who have the ability to instantly update the information being displayed on any of the screens. They can control each screen separately so that targeted content can be sent to screens in specific locations.

Grace Church, in rural Pennsylvania is a much smaller venue, in a very different part of the USA, but that parish too is making great use of digital signage technology. Although their budget was far smaller than that of their Texas compadres, the church was able to make the investment in three different digital signage screens, one in each of the church’s two entrance ways, and one on a central missions wall within the church.

The elders of Grace Church quite rightly felt that by using digital signage they could convey important information to worshipers far more effectively than they were doing using the weekly paper newsletter that they had been distributing for years. According to one of the pastors this was especially needed as visitors to mid week services did not even receive the newsletter as it was only distributed on weekends, and therefore were never alerted to important messages or made aware of upcoming church activities.

By using digital signage all the visitors to Grace Church have the chance to kept constantly informed about everything that is going on related to the church and its members.

In both churches, the digital signage systems have been a huge hit with the congregation, young or old. It is likely that many other churches will be following their lead into the world of digital signage in the future.

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