The Benefits of a Proximity Card

With the fast changing technology these days the way in which we address our very own security needs is also changing. The proximity card is used for security purpose and it fulfills the purpose effectively. It is widely used in hospitals, government offices, business firms etc. and it makes gaining access to restricted and sensitive areas extremely difficult and practically impossible. It is quite small in size and not very bigger than one’s driving license or the debit card. It prevents a person from driving and even from charge items for a mall that is, it does not provide authorization. However it helps one to access control in one’s organization or company or business firm.

The proximity card is more or less like an identity card but it is produced only by a particular or specific badge printer. It comes with an especially loaded and very smart technology which when combined with a proper identification system will allow one to gain access to restricted or sensitive areas Aadhar Card Download by Aadhaar Number. However the card for proximity is made of plastic. In big companies and other places with restricted areas a proximity card reader is also installed. The employer or person having the card for proximity is required to swipe the card through this reader and immediately signals are sent to a main computer which controls the access to the restricted areas. Hence the person can easily gain access if not he or she will not be permitted to enter. In places where intruders or visitors or even employers venture without authorization this card for proximity and the proximity card reader come of use and effectively prevent them from venturing into sensitive areas.

In many companies these days the proximity card is also used to monitor the attendance of the employees of the company. Here these cards can be produced in the company itself and all the employees are given one card each. In this case the proximity card is combined with an ID card and hence all the employer needs to do is swipe in when he enters the company building and swipe out when he leaves. Then the signals are sent to the main computer where the attendance details are recorded and hence the attendance of the employees is easily managed. However most companies request the employees to show their proximity ID card before swiping to make sure that they are the rightful owner of the card and that no one is misusing their card and giving them attendance.

Most companies today are preferring to make their own proximity cards in house than outsourcing it as it saves a lot of money and can also lead to certain problems like late shipment or wrong names on cards. All one needs is a badge printer and voila! They can make their own cards. Hence it is easier and a lot cheaper to produce these cards in one’s own company since proximity cards have made it big in the security process. The badge printer is also not too expensive these days. However certain companies are still using ID cards and are happy with to too. But sooner or later they are expected to realize the value of proximity cards and shift to using these.

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