Some Bible Verses Are Hard to Follow

What do you really do with Bible verses that suggest harming others? I’m not talking about the Bible verses that tell us to love our neighbors and forgive our enemies, I’m talking about the Bible verses that tell us to enforce Biblical law and this would require followers to destroy someone’s life.

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I really don’t need to mention these Bible verses, but there’s a whole bunch of them in the book of Leviticus which is located in the Old Testament. These Biblical verses suggest that if someone breaks one of these laws, someone should take their lives, but it doesn’t specifically say who. Bible verses like these are hard to follow and often push people away from specific religious practices like Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

How could any intelligent person, harm another person, simply because they gazed with sexual intentions towards another person? It’s in the Bible. If you say something mean to your mother and father, you could find yourself in similar situations of violence bible verses about forgiveness. How can we make any sense for follow something like this today?

If these rules were that good, wouldn’t our government support them? If another man murders another man, they go to prison for a long time, but they aren’t killed. This is what is suggested in the Bible, yet the United States government doesn’t view this as a humane way to treat criminals.

There are quite a few laws in the book of Leviticus that are extremely difficult to follow. How can someone tell another that this book was written by the creator of everything? I still can’t understand why people follow a book that has so many problems and won’t admit to any of them.

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