The Effect of Australia’s Plain Cigarette Packaging Laws

This was a win for common sense when the High Court of Australia handed the Federal Government a massive win against tobacco companies. It threw out a challenge by one particular cigarette company on August 15th, 2012 which brought the resistance to an end. It was a win for everyone who has tried to quit and failed and for future generations who may never take up the deadly habit.

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Representatives of that company argued that its brand will face massive loss of value due to plain packaging. The tobacco companies generally market their brands through packet displays. The remnant of television and other media advertising in the past has stuck in smoker’s minds and their logos are, therefore, extremely valuable. They will no longer have the privilege of false advertising and selling their deadly ‘sticks’ without a health warning ขายบุหรี่ไฟฟ้า.

Newly manufactured packs had to have the plain packaging by October 1st while non-compliant packs were removed from shelves on December 1st. These moves have been hailed by health experts as a victory for public health and will hopefully put an end to the industry’s aggressive campaign and scare tactics.

It has been reported that watching the outcome of the Australian success are many countries including China, India, New Zealand and so forth where the deadly habit is out of control. The toxic weed apparently takes millions of lives a year and is costing a fortune in medical and hospital treatment for the victims, according to health professionals. In countries where medications are not freely available and where cigarette smoking starts at a very young age one hopes that they too will get the message.

It has long been known that smoking kills and that is now without a doubt. But it also causes misery in the form of obstreperous, whereby the toxins change bone making cells into bone destroyers. Many young people are, therefore, living with this time bomb as their brittle bones break easily.

The now ex-Attorney General of Australia, Nicola Roxon, who brought forth this legislation as Health Minister was honoured for her work in this by US’s largest anti-tobacco groups, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. It was recognised that her courage and strategic ability has greatly impressed its president, Matthew Myers, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald (18th August, 2012).

As the annual ”Global Champion” award was handed to her before 500 guests at a gala dinner” the acknowledgement for her actions is apparently widespread. This dinner followed her address at Georgetown University to politicians and health officials interested in how she accomplished it.

The effects are being noticed already. It has been reported that people think that the taste of the cigarettes they once enjoyed are now different and many have quit for that reason alone. Others are reporting that it has made them more aware of the danger of smoking and they are giving it up.

Australia also has laws banning the smoking of cigarettes in cars where children are riding. This has been in for some time and must also be making a difference. There are also laws that were started in the Australian Capital Territory banning smoking in public places including restaurants and bars. Special places are allocated outside shopping centers where those desperate for a smoke may do so. The price of continuing to smoke is horrendous.

Smoking is definitely carcinogenic, that is cancer causing. It is also bad for those who breathe in the smoke of others while people contract cancer and die from inhaled second-hand smoke. Doctors claim that children and unwitting bystanders should never be subjected to this.

The ongoing health care cost to the communities where smoking is not controlled is huge. Medical bills for sufferers are avoidable because the disease is preventable. There is also a sign of relief from those who are now free of the stink of smokers and their product and of the unnecessary risk to one’s health by being in their company.

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