Constipation Medicine For Abnormal Bowel Movements

Constipation medicine is a relatively new term that has just crept into the consciousness of people who suffer with the condition. It was only in the past few years that the large number of people suffering with constipation, have been educated about this problem. This situation seems to be worsening every day. Constipation is known to be caused by a slow movement of the bowel, accompanied by a lack of fiber intake and the use of laxatives. The main purpose of constipation medicine is to bring about a normal bowel movement. There are a number of constipation medications available in the market but the first thing you need to do, before taking a medication for constipation is to consult your doctor.

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Since there are a number of medications available for constipation, it is advisable to take the help of a good naturopath, who will advise you on what is the best medication for your condition. There are mainly two kinds of constipation medications – the bulk-forming laxatives and the soluble laxatives. The bulk-forming laxatives can be used for both mild and chronic constipation. The bulk-forming laxatives can also help in strengthening the colon muscles and as such, reduce the symptoms associated with constipation isilax bimbi.

soluble laxatives act by reducing the ability of the stool to absorb water and other bulk-forming substances. This in turn reduces the level of discomfort felt by the patient, as well as the frequency of the symptoms occurring. These medications for constipation can be bought without the prescription from any of the local pharmacies. However, in most cases, consulting your doctor would be the best option, especially if your condition is of a chronic nature.

Bulk-forming laxatives increase the water content of the stools and hence cause them to pass through the bowels more quickly. Increasing the water content in the stools will prevent them from hardening, thereby providing temporary relief from constipation. On the other hand, increasing the water content of the bowel also prevents the waste products from sticking to the intestinal walls. This helps in the regularity of the bowel movement and hence a more comfortable feeling.

Besides the bulk-forming laxatives, another type of constipation medicine is the soluble fiber supplement. These supplements are consumed on a regular basis in order to promote regularity in bowel movements. The primary use of soluble fiber supplements is to prevent constipation and its symptoms. However, they are also used to treat constipation when the bowel movements are too infrequent. The constipation medicine employed in this case is the soluble fiber supplement, which helps to restore the normal water levels in the body. This helps in restoring the normal flora in the gut and consequently, curing chronic constipation.

Besides these constipation medicines, there are several other methods that one may use for alleviating constipation symptoms and treating the ailment. You may also need to change your lifestyle and eat a healthy diet, which is rich in soluble fibers, to get relief from constipation symptoms. However, even when you are undergoing colonic irrigation or undergoing a procedure called colonic hydrotherapy, it is always recommended that you make some dietary and lifestyle changes in order to treat the ailment. By making these changes, you can get rid of the symptoms of constipation forever.

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