Motivational Quotes – Energy Drinks For the Mind

Motivational quotes can be found everywhere from calendars to books, coffee mugs to websites. They can be found on posters, business cards, brochures, and billboards. One or two lines quoted to inspire all who read them appear in almost every medium of expression. What makes these quotes so popular and prevalent? Do they work? Do people read these quotes and suddenly become more successful, perform better, or more attractive? The simple answer is no. Simply reading encouraging words does not bring instant rewards. Motivation simply does not work that way. So why are they so popular?

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From time to time, everyone needs a little encouragement and for many, motivational quotes may just be the answer. They offer just a little dose of enthusiasm to help get someone through a tough time or energize them to finish a particular challenge. Much like beverage manufacturers offer energy drinks to provide consumers with a mid-day pick me up, these little motivational blurbs are meant to energize the mind. They often come from successful individuals and offer a glimpse into how they achieved or overcame. Unfortunately, much like an energy drink, the effects do not last forever motivational quotes for work.

Far more effective than motivational quotes are the purpose one feels in a particular activity. Not that quotes meant to motivate are not useful, because they indeed can be useful. Nevertheless, just as an energy drink cannot replace a proper night’s sleep, these quotes cannot replace purpose. Purpose is what drives and truly motivates a person. A quote from someone who has been in a similar place or situation can offer reminders of purpose, but it cannot replace it entirely. A person can find inspiration in a quote, a chant, or a prayer, but that inspiration may not hold if no greater purpose lies beneath.

The power of motivational quotes does not necessarily lie in the words they contain, but in the thoughts and feelings they inspire. Those thoughts and feelings can spark purpose and intention that ultimately lead to greater things. They are meant to boost the power behind purpose. When inspiration and enthusiasm sag, people look to successful leaders and extraordinary speakers to spur them. What those who have traveled successful before have said in the past acts a like an energy drink for the mind. Their words feed the sagging enthusiasm and evoke memories of the purpose that drives motivating actions.

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