5 Ways to Take Care of Your Leather Briefcase

How good is a leather bag? That depends a lot on how you care for it! Your leather bag longevity depends largely on how well you take care of it and how much you use it. Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your leather bag and keep it looking new for years to come.

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Make sure to buy from a company that is eco-friendly. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have leather bags, just that they are using recycled materials in their production. A lot of companies that produce eco-friendly bags will even sell them at a discount. If you’re lucky enough to find one that offers free shipping, you’ve won two points. (Only if it’s smaller, though; bigger bags may end up costing more than you think.)

Don’t put leather cream on your leather bag! This isn’t some kind of trendy trend. In fact, leather cream is one of the worst things you can do to your bag. Leather cream wears down the sheen and brightness of your leather bag and dulls its appearance thu mua apple watch cu. So, while you’re at the store, consider buying a simple, plain brown leather bag instead of a trendy, colored one.

Don’t wear leather bags when you’re around people who like leather smells. Many people like leather to the point that they can’t stand the smell. (And if you’re one of those people, you should probably find someone else to go out with!) Keep your leather bags to yourself and only give them out to people who absolutely adore leather.

If you absolutely must have leather handbags, at least make sure you clean them frequently! If you leave your leather handbag sitting outdoors all summer, it will start to smell and look really bad. Also, don’t mix water with your handbag’s conditioner. Water can cause soap streaks and leave residue on your handbags, causing them to look matted and dull. Don’t use handbags with a conditioner or soap, as these can damage the bags more.

Finally, protect your leather bags from damage by keeping them away from damp areas. Your briefcase, for example, doesn’t need to be exposed to water, as it won’t get wet. But you should use a water-resistant fabric to put your laptop in, and keep the leather bag itself out of the way. You should also avoid hanging your briefcase next to an electric outlet, as static electricity can weaken the fibers of your briefcase. When you are ready to throw your briefcase away, make sure that you don’t forget to pull it out and place it where you want it: on a sunny window sill, in front of a fan, etc.

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