A Introduction to Muay Thai: The “Science Of Eight Limbs”

The exciting sport of Muay Thai or simply Thai boxing is indeed enjoyed thoroughly in the South East Asia region particularly in Thailand where this vicious martial arts originated, though its popularity is drawing crowds in droves in almost all four corners of the planet for the past several years.

Sometimes part of the South East Asian Games, this deadly form or combat sports requires sheer strength, dexterity, wit and clear cut stratagem to pull through. Thai boxing is an amalgam of kicking and punching, which can be fatal when utilized outside of the fighting arena. The sport is a consummate fighting martial arts as it enables a fighter to fully utilize his hands (punching), elbows, feet (kicking) and knee, to the hilt, to subdue an opponent, and this also makes it known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” or the “Science Of Eight Limbs”. Muay Thai disciples are often dubbed as nak muay while a non local folk who practices this ancient sport are called nak muay farang NEW YORK ASIAN ESCORT AGENCY.

It is believed that the inception of Muay Thai can be dated back more than one millennium ago. Existing records of the sport being played in Thailand’s former capital which is Avuthaya can be traced back from four centuries ago. Back then it was a mixture of Chinese and Indian martial arts, a fusion that made the sport cunning, formidable and lethal. Thai boxing developed from what was known then as muay boran, which doesn’t relies on variety of weapons, but with bare hands and sturdy feet. This ploy enables the Thais overcome the odds of thwarting foreign aggression without engaging in an armed conflict.

The Muay Thai which is in abundance of fighting methods eventually became a sport, and participants are pitted to the delight of the martial arts’ fans and aficionados. The sports thus gained popularity in the country and contests was held as an important element of local festivities. It was even held to give entertainment to the monarchy especially the kings. The status of the sport grew stronger and bigger as enhancements were developed to make the sports more entertaining and at the same time fierce and interesting. The grizzled warrior of the sport begun to don hemp rope on their arms and forearms, and the bout was then termed as muay khat chueak. Muay Thai was given further importance even as the finest fighters of the land was given royal treatment and privilege to live with the royalties and impart their awesome skills in the sport to the king’s escort for protection.

To date thai boxing enjoys a great following in Thailand and its fame is spreading like a forest fire especially in the South East Asian and even in other parts of the world. A highly competitive combat sport nowadays, several techniques were developed throughout the years. The Muay Thai which gave pure entertainment promises a no holds barred mano y mano and nonstop punching and kicking all throughout the match, which is cinched to give the viewing public a treat of man’s tremendous courage, unparalleled mobility and cunning fighting skills.

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