Herbal Impotence Remedy – A Time-Tested Remedy For Male Impotence

The practice of herbal remedy in the treatment of male impotence is not something new. In fact, it had been in practice for centuries by many cultures and societies such as the Chinese, Indian, African and Malays. Many people from these cultures had been taking herbal remedies for male impotence and various other reasons and are still firmly believe in these herbal alternatives as a remedy to many conditions.

If herbs had been used for centuries, why some people are skeptical about them?

Soon after the introduction of prescription drug Viagra in the late ’90s, a number of supplemental products said to be herbal impotence remedy preparations started to appear on the market as well as the web claiming to be natural cures for male impotence. While many of these products are truly meant for an alternative treatment option for the problem of male impotence, unfortunately, a few had been reported to contain potentially harmful and undeclared ingredients. Such a report had brought along the many questions lingering the minds of millions of consumers around the world who are curious to know more about the safety and effectiveness of these herbal impotence remedies.

Are herbal impotence remedies safe?

Though many of these herbal remedies for male impotence had long being used in various traditional and ancient medicines, they are not subjected to the same rigorous standard tests as prescription and over the counter drugs went through. Because of this reason, it is not possible for doctors or medical practitioners to endorse these herbal remedies as safe.

Of course, there are few trials conducted on these herbal impotence remedies but many are considered to be small trials and are preliminary.

If herbal remedies are not rigorously treated, why are they still being used?

Although herbal impotence remedies are not subjected to rigorous tests as prescription and over the counter drug did, they have the long history of being used and practised in the treatment The Lost Book of Herbal of male impotence – and this history in fact can be dated back to hundreds of years. This means although there are no standard test to confirm its usefulness, the herbal impotence remedies had nevertheless passed the ‘time-test’ of centuries of observations and practise which had been passed on from generations to generations. This is an important factor to which many people at a growing number are shifting to the practice of herbal and other alternative therapies for the treatment of many health-related problems including male impotence. Furthermore, with varying degree of success reported with the use of herbal impotence remedies, more and more people are coming forward looking for a more natural alternative to their problem.

Another reason why some people prefer herbal remedies over prescription drug such as Viagra is that unlike Viagra and other impotence pills which only target the improvement of erection function, herbal remedies for male impotence claim to have a more holistic approach where one can expect not only improvement of erection function, but also sex drive, stamina, sensation and overall enjoyment.

What you should know about herbal impotence remedies.

If you believe in herbal remedies or are curious to try or to know what it can offer, these are a few things you need to keep in mind when purchasing any of the products.

1. Just like prescription drugs, herbal remedies can also cause side effects. Talk to your doctor before taking them. Tell your doctor about your current health problem and medications you are on. Remember that just like prescription drugs, herbal remedies also produce chemical reaction in your body, and any substance that produce chemical reaction in your body can also produce potential side effect and also interaction with other drugs.

2. Many of these herbal products need several days or weeks for them to work best, when taken on daily basis. Unlike Viagra and other impotence pills that need only one hour or less for it to show its effect, these herbal remedies are to be taken as a supplement rather than on-demand pills.

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