How to Naturally Improve Your Eye Sight

Our eyes are the most important of the five senses. Eyes are really essential to our survival. Our eyes are really sensitive. So we have to take good care of them.

Many people choose artificial lenses to improve their eye sight. Using artificial lenses does not improve your vision; it actually deteriorates your vision even more.

Your lenses are just designed to  Visiclear correct the symptom and they fail to treat the system.

Using Artificial Lenses only enhances your vision for a while. After a while you need another lens with a greater power. It never does anything to prevent further deterioration of the eyes.

Some people choose Lasik Surgery to get back their vision. But only a few of them know about the consequences of Lasik Surgery. Lasik Surgery can be expensive as well as dangerous. Here is a story of Dominic Morgan who went blind due to laser surgery.

Dominic had retinopathy of prematurity. It is an eye disease that affects prematurely born babies. This disease restricted his vision to about 20/50. He chose to undergo LASIK.

The pressure from the eye suction ring used in the surgery completely destroyed his fragile retinas, making him completely blind.

There are also many unreported cases where the patient has gone completely blind due to LASIK.

The best solution is to naturally improve your vision. There are certain exercises that are designed to relieve the stress from your eyes, improve your body posture and relax your eyes.

If you perform these exercises on a regular basis, you can have your vision back in no time at all.

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