Skin Tag Treatment – What Are the Best Skin Tag Treatments?

You really don’t need to visit a dermatologist for treatment. You can even do it yourself from the comfort of your own home.

There is merit, however, in seeking the hands of an accredited, licensed and professional dermatologist.

If you are going to see a derma to handle your skin tag dilemma, then you can take your pick among these treatment procedures:


Simply cutting off the offending tag is the cheapest and most widely used practice out there.

This is because most don’t grow back once they have been cut off. All the derma needs to do is numb the skin around the tag, sterilize the area and cut it off with a clean scalpel. Bleeding and infection are the only complications here.


Freezing off the tag is one unique but  Derma Prime Plus effective treatment procedure.

Liquid nitrogen is conservatively applied on the skin tag itself. The freezing temperatures will kill the cells in and around, ensuring that the cells won’t grow back after a while. Cryosurgery has its own downsides, too. It is a bit painful, costs more than simple surgery and cannot be applied on the same area within a week.


If freezing a tag isn’t your thing, then you can simply burn the bugger off.

You will know electrolysis is working when you start to smell burnt skin wafting in the room. Anesthetics will be required for this one, since the electrified needle used by the derma will reach into the skin below the tag. This will ensure that the tag will not grow back again.

These three skin tag treatment procedures are some of the best you can get in a dermatologist’s office – perfect for when you want a professional taking care of your skin tag problems for you.

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