Samsung Vibrant: Is It Your Smart Phone?

The good thing about having a Smart Phone is that they are always as smart as or smarter than you. The Smasung Vibrant is the new T-mobile smart phone operating under the high-end Android operating system. It applies the exclusive display screen of Super AMOLED which has better color, resolution and uses less power. The Hummingbird processor runs to up to 1GHZ thereby ensuring no delays in any tasks running on the phone. The phones can now be purchased from the AT&T and Verizon.

The Week in Tech: Are Smartphones Interesting Again? - The New York Times

The external design takes no shame in looking like the iPhone 3GS with a feel depicting the BlackBerry Storm. The phone feels quite slim when held in the hand. This makes it quite portable both in the pocket as well as in a case. The battery life is solid and has good experience in the excellent screen display. The unique design makes it sleek and light while at the same time quite attractive. Other than four touch sensitive buttons, the Samsung Vibrant entirely relies on the screen to run all its applications. This makes it have a solid body with no grotesque external buttons Realme X7 Max.

One of the greatest developments made in the Samsung Vibrant is the improvement of the sound quality. This is an aspect which has in most cases been overlooked by most phone makers. With the vibrant, regardless of the surrounding noises, one can get an ultra clear conversation. This ensures that the user does not have to worry about noise when in a party or a noisy place.

The screen is another exceptional feature on the Samsung Vibrant Smart Phone. The phone uses a 4inch, 800×480 pixels super AMOLED touch screen with better color resolution. This makes the screen an excellent feature in video display and comes with a full movie of Avatar for ones testing. The screen shows high quality videos both from videos and from You Tube clips as well as quality picture display. The screen is moreover full touch.

On the side of the camera, the Samsung Vibrant has a good quality on still images. There is good light distribution and nice auto focusing. The video is also the same. The camera has the capability of capturing 720p of HD video. This helps create a HD video with no drags. The sound quality is acceptable. The video capability has made the phone a good choice for people looking for a Smart Phone with a good quality camera.

The Samsung Vibrant Multimedia comes pre-loaded with the Avatar movie. This is due to the partnership of the company with the 20th Century Fox. This video enables the users to determine the display quality of the video as well as the sound testing. Sims 3 game is also offered in a 3D option. This helps the user to understand the processing speed of the phone as well as for their part time entertainment.

This is an all in one Smart Phone for any busy person. It is comprehensive and efficient in work performances. It only costs $200 with a new 2 years contract and $50 mail-in rebate card.

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