Gleason Level of Prostate Cancer

During the event of a prostate biopsy and the confirmed presence of a prostate cancer, the Gleason Score is judged based on the appearance of the prostate cancer cells under the microscope. A Gleason score is therefore awarded with the higher the Gleason level of the prostate, the severity of the malignancy of the cancer cells.

A Gleason level of a prostate cancer goes as follows:

Gleason Grade 1 shows the early stages of the cancer cells. Under the microscope, these cancer prostate cells would closely resemble a normal (if not healthy) prostate tissue. There are no deformities nor lumps, the prostate glands are small, formed naturally, and closely packed. Because under an inexperienced eye, this prostate cancer cells will be almost normal, this Gleason level of prostate cancer is harder to detect.

Gleason Grade 2 shows the tissue that still has well formed glands. But they would be noticeably larger and could appear a little bit swollen and have more tissue between them. At this stage of Gleason level of prostate cancer, this is still considered early.

Gleason Grade 3 may look the same as Gleason grade 2, although there would be some parts considerably darker. Under Prostate Protocol a powerful microscope or under high magnification, Gleason grade 3 will show the prostate cancer cells invading the surrounding tissues. Though still recognizable, the giveaway of this Gleason level would be the dark spots.

Gleason Grade 4 is already an escalated condition of Gleason grade 3. There would yet be recognizable glands but the prostate cancer cells would already be very visible. Many of the prostate cancer cells would by this time invade most of the surrounding tissues.

Gleason Grade 5 is the worst prostate condition. On Gleason grade 5, the prostate tissues won’t have any recognizable glands. Under the microscope they would only show tissues upon tissues of malignant prostate cancer cells.

The data shows that the higher the Gleason level of the prostate cancer, the more aggressive the cancer cells are. Knowing the Gleason level of prostate cancer staging, medical specialist can determine which therapy paths to take and if more comprehensive techniques like radical prostatectomy should be employed.

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