Wedding Venues In Suffolk – From A to Z – Part Two

How do you choose a wedding venue? A question that has baffled philosophers, and women, for thousands of years now. The problem with this question is that many people don’t know where to begin. Fear not however, wedding experts across the world are drawing inexorably closer to an answer, day by day we’re working tirelessly to provide you with an infallible action plan to select the one of the best wedding venues in Suffolk for your special day rhubarb candle.

Kenton Hall Estate

For a luxury, high quality wedding venue with a reputation for success and going above and beyond, look no further than Kenton Hall Estate. But what makes Kenton Hall Estate unique? A good question. If you’re a Suffolk native, you might be familiar with the term ‘glamping’. If you aren’t, you’re probably mouthing incredulously – “glamping, what the?” For the non-Suffolk native readers of this article, the easiest way to describe glamping is that it’s camping in style, serious style. Imagine the royal family deciding to go camping – every single detail is meticulously planned for and crafted. If you’ve dreamed of being married outside, surrounded by culture and ambience, then Kenton Hall estate should be high on your list of wedding venues in Suffolk to review.

Dove Barn

Described as a rural, romantic wedding venue on the border of Suffolk and Essex, Dove Barn truly lives up to its name and sterling reputation. In our last article we talked about Haughleypark Barn and why it would be perfect for any couples looking to get married in a rustic setting, Dove Barn is the ying to Haughleypark Barn’s yang. The qualities that make Dove Barn distinct from Haughley are it’s more ‘modern touches’ and a slightly more feminine feel to the style of the venue. We’d recommend this venue to any couples looking for a rustic venue but not wanting to sacrifice the home comforts and luxury associated with a luxury wedding reception location. Not one to be missed from your wedding venues in Suffolk list.

Yaxley Hall

Branding is something that is seemingly lacking from many of today’s reception locations. There are a myriad of generic, well designed and well catered for venues and halls across the UK, but they lack substance or a true sense of identity. This is not the case with Yaxley Hall. For couples looking for a truly unique wedding experience, every touch point of your wedding location at Yaxley Hall has been meticulously thought out and branded to perfection. The service begins with planning and preparations, and then progresses through to the ceremony, reception and finally the banquet – yes we said banquet! After you’ve danced and eaten to your hearts perfection, your wedding experience finishes with Forty Winks, where you’ll be ushered to your luxury wedding suite, which constitutes an entire rural chic barn that has been painstakingly designed and crafted. We’d definitely recommend Yaxley Hall as one of the premier wedding venues in Suffolk.

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