Program Review – Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash Strikes Back Program

The name requires no introduction to experienced internet money makers. Chris Carpenter created a huge storm in late 2003 when he authored and published his ‘Google Cash’ eBook. His eBook became a top best selling product on Clickbank and today a lot of people are still applying his methods as taught in the eBook to this very day.

For those new on the subject of making money online, Chris Carpenter’s original Google Cash program involves in 2 important techniques:

1.Choosing the right affiliate program from online retailers such as Clickbank and

2.Researching and using the right and best keywords to advertise your affiliate program through Pay-per-Click advertising programs such as Google AdWords.

Chris Carpenter’s method is ridiculously easy to master and if done properly can generate easy money for everybody. You absolutely require no websites to do this. Everything is all ready laid out by most affiliate programs. I truly agree with Chris Carpenter that his methods are the safest and easiest way to make money online through affiliate programs!

That was then of course. As the years gone by, internet marketers and money makers who relied upon Chris Carpenter’s original Google Cash program found that life is getting tougher for them. This was evident by the year of 2005 as more and more people jumped into the bandwagon and all went for the same similar approach to┬ámake money online. By the year 2006, it got even worst! Top Southern Highlands Carpenter keywords are getting more expensive and bidding for them seems to be a never ending struggle on any Pay-per Click advertising programs. To keep ahead of the competitions, internet marketers and money makers have no other choice but to spend more time on conducting research.

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Obviously Chris Carpenter was feeling the heat himself and that prompted him to find news ways to make life easier for everybody. His studied the online market and found something dreadful! His discovery revealed that every online business nowadays is vulnerable to stealth poachers who could very well be monitoring our business models and techniques online silently! There are automated tools obviously developed by successful internet marketers and money makers that do this sort of silent poaching for them. Whoever came up with this idea is pure genius! Such tools provide them real time Competitive Intelligence without having to spend many unnecessary hours researching in front of the computer! If you have been doing that all this while, I am sure that you would kick yourself upon knowing their secrets.

In his new program, Google Cash Strikes Back, Chris Carpenter introduced his very own software called Google Cash Detective that comes with a built in module Google Cash Automator to do exactly what the rest of the top internet marketers and money makers are doing. Conveniently monitor any targeted Google AdWords keywords and identify potential money making campaigns automatically! I’ve seen his video on this and I’m very impressed!

Chris Carpenter also provides interested parties free downloadable 40 page eBook from his website. I found his eBook as a great tool to understand his successful methods in making money through affiliate and Pay-per-Click programs such as Clickbank and Google AdWords. I would recommend anyone to read his eBook since it would give you the opportunity to understand the secret methods and tools used by every top online money makers nowadays.

I am no stranger to Chris Carpenter’s first eBook Google Cash. Since I am now more impressed than ever with his new strategies. I’m giving his new program a full 5 stars rating! Great program and well recommended for those who are searching for simplicities in making money online!

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