Planning A Casino Style Party With a Gambling Theme

If you are an event planner for a non-profit organization, a casino style party is a great way to bring in a huge crowd and make a great deal of money for your organization. In fact, one or two casino nights a month will bring in more cash than catering an event every week for the entire year. It doesn’t take a great deal of time to plan once you have all the gaming equipment and tables in place.

A cautionary Vegas casino tale of corporate gamblers | Financial Times

Many organizations choose to limit their fund raising to Bingo nights since it is easier and less expensive to set up, but in the entire scheme of things, you can make more money from your event by sponsoring a casino style party After all, not everyone likes Bingo, which is more a game of chance that actual skill. Unfortunately for churches, that is usually the only acceptable game since a casino party would signify an acceptance of gambling. However, for fire departments and other organizations that depend on fund raising to earn the majority of their operating expenses. It allows a more diverse selection that just Bingo with some games that do actually require the utilization of skills rather than being a game of chance.

Once you have all of the equipment you need for a casino style party, you can begin making your plans. For most organizations, the easiest way is to advertise in a local newspaper, and if you have a marquee on your building, put a sign outside. If you have a regular time of the month or week that you plan to hold the casino parties, you will draw in an even larger crowd because they will know exactly what day and time to be there. It’s a fun and social evening for those who enjoy the casino games, and an easy way for your organization to support itself.

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