Using Spells to Return a Lover

The type of spell or spells used to return a lover will depend on the circumstances. Did the breakup result strictly from fighting? A spell to repair and heal the issues would be in order. Alternately, did the breakup result from a new romantic partner? In that case, more aggressive measures might be warranted. However, for almost any situation there are options and combinations of spells available love spells that actually work that will get the job done.

In the case of a romantic rival, it is almost essential to use more than one spell. In cases like this, spells are needed both for returning your lost partner as well as knocking out the new guy or girl. This is because, as long as the romantic rival is still in the picture, they will pose a distraction for your relationship. This is why it is essential to ensure that they are out of the picture for good.

Spells used to remove romantic competition don’t absolutely need to be negative or curse-like, although they can be. Some are set up to minimize any damage to the person, getting them out of the way as harmlessly and cleanly as possible. Others are designed to put deep rifts between your lover and the other person, making them hate each other so as to ensure there is no possibility of return. The type of spell you end up selecting will depend on the sum of your goals.

The type of spell you select to return your lover will vary as well. Beware of using traditional love spells for this. Although they may work, they will always be incomplete. This is because a spell designed to make someone love you is going to focus on that goal alone. Conversely, a spell written to bring your lover back will be aware of the situation. It can take into account the past history of you and your partner, the issues that arose and tackle those directly.

Let us take, for example, the case of a relationship where two people were deeply in love but broke up due to constant fighting. A standard love spell might rekindle the passion, but it will do nothing to address the fighting and causes of the initial breakup. However, a spell to return a lover can be focused on this and not only work to rekindle the relationship, but also to begin healing and repairing the causes of the breakup. This is setting the foundation for long term relationship success.

On that note, in some cases healing spells are beneficial to pursue along with traditional love spells. Where there has been a lot of hurt and emotional or spiritual damage, healing spells can go a long way toward getting back to the positive way things once were. And when the damage done is severe this is often a necessary step, in addition to the love spell, to ensure the full extent of healing necessary has been achieved for a return to a healthy relationship.

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